Saturday, March 17, 2012

Bronies: My Little Pony Friendship is Magic

Kids, I'm Fucked Three Ways Towards the Weekend.  Compared to yesterday, my Focus has improved a Smidgen but not enough to partake of Strong Meats, like my Dissertation or even Alan Moore's V for Vendetta.  No, the questions swirling around in my Devastated Brain are mixing with Fear and Anxiety to produce a Hysterical Cocktail of Distraction and Despair.  In an effort to avoid Hysterics, I'm jumping between reading Too Much Coffee Man: Omnibus by Shannon Wheeler (entertaining and yet Mind Candy), George R.R. Martin's A Game of Thrones (because watching the HBO series has taken most of the work out of learning new characters), and checking out My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.

According to the Wall Street Journal, teenage boys (and geeks like myself) are tuning-in to watch these Girly Equines with no apologies.  In fact, this phenomenon has gained such popularity that Pony merchandise is showing up in comic bookstores and the Boys (all Men are Boys so no age requirement with that description) who purchase these collectibles are now referred to as Bronies.  So what is going on?  How did this happen?  Well, it comes down to writing, my Friends.  To be more precise, the writing and direction of Lauren Faust, the show's Executive Producer (though, she recently stepped down to Consulting Producer).  In fact, if we consider Faust's last project, Foster's Homes for Imaginary Friends (which is awesome by the way.  I own Seasons One and Two) which was a hit with the same target demographic then it should come as no surprise that Gamers and Geeks alike are hooked on Pony Friendship Magic.  Personally, I've only watched one episode and found it pretty entertaining (not as awesome as Foster's).  Now go check out this Faust created Phenomenon.
Below is an enjoyable (at least to my mind) Foster's clip which makes obvious Lord of the Rings references and probably helps explain why Geeks, like myself, find the cartoon so entertaining.


  1. I've watched a bit more than half of the episodes of MLP: FiM season 1, and there's also a LotR reference there :D In "A Dog and Pony Show" there are some dogs that talk like Gollum. You should watch more, it's a great show :)
    I've also watched Game of Thrones, but haven't started on the books yet. I just need to be careful not to read too much so I won't spoil stuff from the series. I personally think it's better to watch the show first because there are so many little things in the books and if I know the basic plot well, it's easier to concentrate on the books.

    1. Thanks for the tip and your comment! I'll be sure to check out "A Dog and Pony Show". And yeah I agree that when I'm wanting to get into a series (but having a little trouble taking off with it) the television series always helps. I think you'll like the books though. I'm currently reading the second on: "Clash of Kings".