Monday, March 19, 2012

Escapism: Hyperbole and a Half, Part II

Part of Hyperbole's Awesome Comic
At the moment, Life is presenting more problems than I can handle.  In response, like a True Responsibility Champion, I'm escaping reality for awhile.  What?  Don't judge me.  Being assertive or even approachable isn't easy.  Most of me yearns for a hug followed by a strategy that will set things right (Hell!  Make it better than before) but, fuck, I'm not ready to admit that yet.  Anyway, I don't know the protocol for my problem.  Where is the line between Healthy Communication and a Pathetic Doormat?  Beats me.  So My Inner Emotions are once again returning to battle. Desire and Fear have been duking it out for days.  A Mature Woman, like myself, responds to such turmoil with grace, dignity, a tank full of gas, and couch to sleep on at her brother's apartment in Bloomington.  Run away!  Run away!  Honestly, I hoping that the Fix happens magically without any effort at all on my part.  I'll just wake up one day (in the very near future), rub my tired and bloodshot eyes, drag myself pathetically from bed, check my email, and find out that all the work has been done for me.  No action required. Presto Chango: Fear is down for the count and Desire conquerors all.  Of course, I'm not sure this: "Sit and Twiddle My Thumbs" strategy will pan out.  In fact, I'm slightly worried about how Eerily similiar my behavior is to Hyperbole and a Half's Comic on Acting like an Adult (check it out).

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