Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Game Preserve: Gloom and Onirim

When Life gives you Sadness, Buy Board Games.  What?  You were hoping for something more philosophical?  Well, too damn bad. Personally, I was hoping for a lot of things and none of them have happened yet.  In my Humble Opinion, Disappointment is a Dish best spiced with Dash of Hope and Steaming Pile of Distraction.  Om Nom Nom Nom.  Toward this end, tonight, I decided to distract myself with a trip to The Game Preserve in Bloomington.  I love it there: Friendly and Knowledgeable Staff, Great Selection, and a Pleasant Atmosphere.  Plus, I had thirteen bucks on my Preserve Rewards Account I was itching to spend.  Because I couldn't afford the Game of Thrones Board Game (and have a hard time getting more than one person to play at a time), I went the cheaper route with Card Games, well, two to be more precise: Gloom and Onirim.  Tragedies and Dream States.  I'm upset, alright?  You're so judgmental.  Like you've never bought an Armful of Games to ward off the Sadness Inside.  Anyway...back to my purchases.

Gloom:  Object of the Game: Make your character suffer as many tragedies as possible.  In the end, the saddest person wins.  (Sounds like my existence at the moment) Honestly, I picked this little card game because I noticed a friend of mine had played it and felt envious.  The graphics on the cards put me in an Edward Gorey mindset.  Of course, thinking about the connection to my friend makes me gloomy, but that's the goal right?

Onirim: This a cooperative card game in which each player is Dreamwalker lost in a labyrinth.  Object: Discover Oneiric Doors before your Dreamtime runs out and you remain trapped forever.   This one was a store recommendation.  Plus, I'd never played a cooperative card game before and found the idea intriguing.  Not to mention, it was under ten dollars so it wasn't much of a risk.   Then again, do I really need to sit around and focus on Dreamtime?   How is that a distraction?  

Dreams and Gloom.  Fitting, huh?  In my defense, I planned on buying Gloom and Sentinels of the Multiverse but the latter wasn't in stock.  The manager suggested Onirim.  As I looked down at my purchases I wasn't sure whether to laugh or cry.  So I decided to do neither, instead I'm reading the rules and writing this blogpost.

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