Friday, March 23, 2012

Second Star to the Right: More Amusement

"Second star to the right and straight on till morning." J.M. Barrie

"Fear Cuts Deeper than Swords" George R.R. Martin

As my Friday evening draws to a close, this Waitress turned Historian finds herself miserable, unable to communicate in the way she'd like...or at all. No amount of Distraction or Escapism removes the Nagging Ache to Bridge the Gap and Defeat the Silence.  But each time I attempt to find a solution, words of caution stay my hand.  There's simply not enough information.  Desire is there but I fear the possibility of being jumped on.  The Fear is Paralyzing.  Reality check: I'm not the Goddess Diana, Amy Pond, Elastic Girl, or Abigail Adams.  I'm Jennifer Nicole and a pessimistic and unsure version of that person at the moment.  Thus, in hopes of drifting off to sleep and dreaming of pleasant days and steamy nights below I've listed a few more things which amuse me.  Then its off to Bed and Dreams of Neverland: "Second star to the right and straight on till morning."

The Count: Sesame's Street the Count could *&^% forever.  One, Two, Three, Four Whatever the Amount.  Really, Kids, call me Immature but this little video delights me to no end.  What?  You think its rather Blue?  That's all in your mind, you Dirty Boys and Girls.  Shame on you.

XKCD and Sex: Because we are on the subject of the Naughty Naughty (no, I won't tell you where I got that particular phrase.  Its a secret), I hope you enjoy these next two Cartoons by XKCD as much as I did.

Also, in case you are wondering, is a pretty nifty little site if you're looking for a way to track the amount of physical activity you're getting on a weekly basis...also, sex is a great form of cardio.  Just sayin.

Gloom: A quick update to a previous post.  Since last Tuesday, I have played this nifty little card game twice and I'm happy to report I highly recommend it.  Sure, I'll be honest, part of what I enjoy is doling out misery to my characters and watching them suffer, but the game is nicely paced and the cards are humorous enough.  Run to your nearest Game Store and purchase it ASAP. (Yes, I'm enabling you)

Bob Ross: Finally, my Darlings, here is a picture of a Talented Tree painting a Happy Little Bob Ross.  In case you miss Bob Ross as much as I do click here and relive the joy of watching him and his Awesome Afro once more.

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