Friday, March 23, 2012

Wrong Version: Borat, Kuwait, and Prostitutes

At an International Shooting Championship recently held in Kuwait, the Kazakhstan Team, who took first place, received a nasty surprise when their Host Country played Sacha Baron Cohen's parody of their National Anthem (from the movie Borat) rather than the Original Version. Despite the fact that Cohen's rendition happens to be in English.  Just to give you some indication of how grievous an insult Kuwait levied upon their Victors here is a sampling of the Borat Lyrics (See Below). For instance, the phrase "Kazakhstan's prostitutes cleanest in the region" replaced the original words "sky of golden sun" as the athletes listened in embarrassed silence.  Unsurprisingly, the Team requested a formal apology.  Kuwait Officials later concluded that rerunning the medal ceremony was the best way to make amends.  Makes me think of 30 Rock: "Do Over!"

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  1. How else to describe this, except as a dick move?