Thursday, June 28, 2012

Another Writ of Hocus Pocus

"Express your feelings all the time, unless you have something to hide." Once again, Moi is forced to summon the determination and fabulousness of Miss Piggy. Um hum, you guessed it my Darlings, Moi's make is smudged today (sniff, shaky sigh) What is a Gal to do when she becomes so over wrought? Well, in my opinion, Miss Piggy Wannabes must attempt to stay calm (this one is impossible even for the amazing Pig, herself, so, don't expect too much out of moi), call a small support group, paint pottery, and, of course, color coordinate her pens to her writing attire. In fact, Moi is sure that many a Fierce Pig has broken down in the middle of a chain restaurant, so why should moi be embarrassed? (Insert a determined Miss Piggy humph) Moi "has always enjoyed a good scrimmage" and with role models, like, Piggy, June Carter Cash, and Edith Bolling Galt (look her up, she was Piggy's predecessor) there is no reason to wear a sackcloth and ashes. Now, I "hereby issue a writ of hocus pocus" once more. From Moi to you, Miss Jennifer.

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