Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Destinations: Ruby Red Slippers and Pit Stops

It's a Mumford and Sons night ("The Cave" and "Sigh No More") because living a story is harder than reading one. And yet, every Oh So Earnest Woman (I speak from experience. This Lady is in earnest 24/7 which means she's given to heart felt tears when upset) must remember there's always hope, always a light, always still room to dream. Most importantly my Emotional Darlings, know this: some journeys are worth taking even if there are more pit stops than she'd prefer on the way to her destination. No Dorothy ever made it to Kansas by jumping off the train in the middle of her quest and refusing to click her heels. Now, put your Ruby Red Slippers on and Believe in the Power of Magic (I'm a Good Witch) 

*PS: My Weary Little Travelers, on days, like today, when my applecart has been upset, if you find yourselves unable to eat when hurled into the depths of despair (my reaction to emotional crisis and matters of the heart) I suggest a Boost Breakfast Shake Twice a day...because not only do plum puffs fail to cure mind diseased and a world shattering into tiny pieces, but they're difficult to swallow with shaken apple carts.

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