Thursday, September 6, 2012

New Photograph of Emily Dickinson Discovered

"Faith" is a fine invention
Dickinson is the one on the left
For Gentlemen who SEE!
But Microscopes are prudent
In an Emergency!
~Emily Dickinson

According to The Guardian, Amherst College has found a rare photo of the reclusive 19th century poet Emily Dickinson.  Prior to this discovery, only one picture of Ms. Dickinson was known to exist.  That first photo, of a sixteen year old Emily taken in 1847, is also located in the Amherst library archives.  There is no doubt that the college's administrators are currently doing backflips over the discovery of a second.  Though don't be taken just yet.  Historians of 19th century fashion (yes, some people devote their lives to deciphering different sorts of petticoats and knickers), claim the clothing worn in the photograph is out of date for the 1850s.  Amherst, however, attempted to quiet the naysayers stating: 

“Amherst does admit that the dress worn in the photograph by ‘Dickinson’ does seem to be out-of-date for the late 1850s, but it believes that ‘may be of less significance when one considers the 23-year-old Dickinson's comment to friend Abiah Root in 1854, “I'm so old fashioned, Darling, that all your friends would stare'.”
In other words, "We found a photo that will bring us lots of publicity and money, so shut the hell up and believe in the power of magic, you Muggles!"

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