Sunday, September 30, 2012

Panic Attack: Its a Trap!

Guess what Boys and Girls?  I am having a panic attack.  Huzzah!!  According to the my shortness of breath, pounding heart, cold limbs, sweaty palms, and "impending sense of doom" is not normal.  Normal people spend their Sunday nights lazing about the house, reading the paper, and going to bed early, NOT breathing into a brown paper bag and fighting tears.  No, I don't know what is wrong.  But, I feel sure every single person and thing that matters to me is about to go down the tubes.   My attempts at calming myself by writing out each positive event that happened this past week and my hopes for the future are met with the General Ackbar who resides in my brain screaming: "ITS A TRAP!!"    You're not Luke Skywalker, Jennifer Nicole.  You're Luke's stupid schoolmate who gets blown to hell.  Muahahahaha.  No, there is NOT a moral to my story.  I'm having a fucking panic attack. Why would you expect that?  Get over yourself! I need hug and a tranquilizer, and since neither seems likely I'm just gonna have to sit here wheezing and typing away.

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