Saturday, September 22, 2012

The Universe Broke My Mouth

Well, Folks, it finally happened.  Years of gabbing, chattering, whispering, and occasional screaming broke my mouth.  No, really, apparently, I have "Trismus" which according to Wikipedia is "the inability to normally open one's mouth due to one of many causes."  There you have it.  Due to one of many causes (probably my incessant jabbering) my mouth refuses to open properly.  Not only that, but I'm experiencing terrible chewing challenges.  Why me?  I'm already completely insane (I have documentation and eye witnesses).  Isn't that enough for one Hysterical Historian to deal with?  Must the Universe deny me the right to freely open my mouth and let forth my opinions?  Well, FUCK YOU, Universe.  Guess what?  I do NOT have carpel tunnel (yet), but I do have a WEBLOG.  Expect multiple updates, editorials, and rants until my mouth heals.

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