Saturday, October 6, 2012

Dear, You Speak From My Heart

"Jana sokhan az zabane ama migooi" (Dear, you speak from my heart): The previous quote is taken from Gohar Homayounpour's Doing Psychoanalysis in Tehran.   In her book, the author argues that "pain is pain everywhere", and rather than othering the people of Iran, we westerners ought to search for basic commonalities between us and our eastern neighbors.  Personally, I think Homayounpour's sentiment is a beautiful one.  Pain is pain everywhere.  We spend so much of our existence picking out the differences between ourselves and everyone else.  Thus, when we're finally ready to draw close to another person, we remember our past rejections, search for the differences between ourselves and the ones we love, and turn away in hopes of avoiding devastation.  The voices in our heads repeat: "You're kidding yourself."  "Eventually, your inadequacies will show."  "Turn back now."  "The way shut.  It was made by those who are Dead and the Dead keep it.  The way is shut."  (Maybe that last one is just me) I say all of those things to myself on a regular basis.  But it's an unhealthy cycle, and perhaps a self-fulfilling prophecy.  I don't want more pain and loss so this time around rather than running away, I'll speak from my heart.

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