Monday, October 29, 2012

Horrible Happenings in Halloween History

Inspired by Friend of the Blog Dave Nichols' posts: Happy Leap Year and The Late Unpleasantness in Salem, I am presenting my dear Readers with My Top Three Horrible Happening in Halloween History.  Enjoy!

1.) 1793 Execution of Girondins in Paris: During the French Revolution, the Girondins were a political faction within the Legislative Assembly and National Convention which supported the end of monarchy, but, opposed the spiraling and violent momentum of the Revolution.  In other words, Girondists were all like "Calm it down, Guys, "while their friends wanted to chop EVERYBODY'S heads off.  Now everyone knows what happens when you try to insert a little sanity into bloody thirsty madness: HOMICIDE! That's right eventually the poor Girondins came into conflict with the violent and radical Montaganards.  AND on Halloween of 1793 our Sweet Girondists were executed, thus, beginning the Reign of TERROR.  Mauahahahaha.  Are you scared yet?  If not read on.

2.) 1846 Donner party unable to cross the Donner Pass sets up their winter camp: The Donner Party was a group of 87 pioneers who set off in a wagon train from Missouri in May of 1846, got bored with the long trip, and attempted to take a shortcut to California.  BAD IDEA.  Unfortunately for all those involved, the so called "shortcut" was not meant for wagon travel and proved fatal for some and disturbing for all.  What happened?  Well, long story short, the Donner Party ended up stranded in the Sierra Nevada mountains as winter set in.   As temperatures plummeted and food ran out, some members of the party eventually succumbed to cold and starvation while their friends and neighbors survived by munching on their dead flesh.  Yep, Cannibalism.  They ATE each other.  Om Nom Nom.  What another helping?  Sure you do! 

3.) 1922 Il Duce, Benito Mussolini becomes premiere of Italy: Between 1925 and 1927, Old Benito dismantled virtually all constitutional and conventional restraints on his power in Italy, thereby building a police state.  Just consider that a law passed on Christmas Eve 1925 changed Mussolini's formal title from "president of the Council of Ministers" to "head of the government". Thus, Mussolini was no longer responsible to Parliament.  And did Benny use his power wisely?  Of course not! Who does?  Given unlimited power, Benny Boy laid siege to towns, tortured his citizens, and held women and children as hostages to oblige suspects to give themselves up. These harsh methods of persuasion earned him the nickname of "Iron Prefect".  (Makes Dick Cheney almost seem tolerable, huh?... Nah)  But not to worry Folks, Mussolini got his in the end.  In 1945, his own citizens shot, stoned, and burned his body.  What goes around comes around. 


  1. irony is my get up. and ironically i have to do a report on the donner party, same day i find out i watch the donner party movie (not on purpose it just came on cable) and that night the donner pass comes on and i watch it to (its a horror movie based on the 'donner legend') lol its just been a donner day i guess. just irony

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