Saturday, October 6, 2012

I'm Right Up the Road

You always loved short story form
The signs behind it, the hidden bars
You live for flaming, the attractions new
The leather's pulled from a secret room
Closed eyes stare into morning sun
When the darts formed into connections
If I'm honest you come to mind, but baby I'm not
If I'm honest you come to mind, but baby I'm not
"My Shepherd" ~The New Pornographers

Perhaps because I work in field bounded by the written word, when it comes to music the songs I find the most appealing are the ones I view as poetry with complex themes that speak to both pain and confusion, like the one above.  That being said, however, as much as I love songs about unresolved feelings (because I experience them so often), I think maybe what some of us need in our Oh So Confusing Existences is a good dose of Bill Withers "Somebody to Lean On".  Maybe that's what we're waiting for...someone to say "I'm right up the road.  I'll share your load if you just call me" because is life more of mournful lament than a reassuring Wither's tune.  How many times have we called out and heard nothing in the darkness?  Its easier to be quiet than to cry out and hear only the silence.

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