Monday, January 28, 2013

Leaf on the Wind: Crisis

In case its not obvious, throwing me into crisis takes very little.  I'm a leaf on the wind!  And if the breeze blows northerly I might become distraught.  No, seriously, Guys, my Therapist has assured me that "Crisis Counselors" are on call for me 24/7.  And today I made use of them.  Listen, Folks, when you are bipolar AND a historian, you search for "evidence" to confirm your worst fears.  And as a long time Crisis Researcher, allow me to assure you if you seek ye shall find.  Really, go try.  Within a month or so, you'll have your own weblog.  But as a very nice woman named Maureen reminded me today: Nothing has changed.  Nothing is forever.  There is no reason to mourn.  The only pertinent question I should be asking myself is why I chose to celebrate finishing a chapter of my dissertation with a meltdown.  We just don't know.

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