Sunday, January 13, 2013

No More Surprises

Guess what?  Today is a crazy day.  Come along with me on a magical tour of my strained, stained, and stressed psyche.  Together we will unlock the mysteries of my brain.  Okay, we probably won't, but it's fun to try.  Here's the deal: I hate surprises.  No, I really do.  In my experience, surprises are normally unexpected and unpleasant events that are followed by weeping and gnashing of teeth.  Don't believe me?  Well, listen, I can name each and every major surprise in my life in the last decade.  And every single one was followed by some sort of breakdown. Woe to you if a surprise is lurking in your future, waiting to pounce!  Now, the good news for me is: For the past couple months, Yours Truly has been surprise free.  Huzzah! The Bad News: I feel I'm due.  A surprise is hunting me like that Creepy Ass Clown in Stephen King's IT (a fucked up book, by the way).  For that reason, I am anxious.  Like I need a Xanax kinda of anxious.  This means writing even the simplest of tasks is a challenge at the moment.  Don't even get me started on my dissertating struggles.  But what can ya do?  Nothing I guess.  Just pray.  Try to put away your computer early.  And hope for the best. Woe to me.

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