Saturday, February 2, 2013

Being Bipolar with a Kitchen Knife

The following conversation is an example of the kind of mental dilemmas I have on a regular basis.  Yours Truly is not what one might call rational, Folks.  But that's to be expected.  When you are bipolar (And your therapist says: We want to see you as LONG as you are a grad. student here) your logic often leaves something to be desired.  If you need proof, read on.

Jennifer and the Kitchen Knife

Me: Maggie, I have a kitchen knife in my a knitting bag.

Maggie: Put it back in the kitchen.

Me: <Explaining the story without being asked to do so> Well, you see, I took said knife into my bedroom to cut a piece of thread, because I couldn't find my scissors, and then I thought...maybe I should leave it in there for intruders.  And once I thought that, I worried that removing the knife from the knitting bag and placing it back in the kitchen might be a mistake on my part.  What if the intruders come and I'm in bed rather than in the kitchen?

Maggie: You are not psychic or receiving special messages from the Universe.  Put the knife back in the kitchen.  And stop using the word intruders.

Me: Okay, that's a relief.  It was dilemma, I tell you.

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