Friday, February 8, 2013

Everything Falls Down

Even the Sturdiest Structures fall down.  Need an example?  Sure you do!  When Yours Truly was a Small, my Grandparents owned an Old, Blue Porch Swing. Now, despite the Swing's chipping paint, to my Naive Eyes my Grandpa's Porch Swing was Unbreakable.  You see, I never noticed the rust wearing away at the metal.  Never paid attention to the splinters my Grandmother complained about. In my smallish opinion, I was never safer than when I was sitting with my Grandfather, sipping sweet iced tea, and swinging away in the front yard.  Until I turned three that is.  That was the day I learned everything falls down.  

Picture it.  Me, my Grandpa, iced tea, just swinging away, relaxing in the shade, and, then, just as I tucked my chubby legs underneath the swing, the structure collapsed with me pinned underneath.  Now, despite the fact that was nearly thirty years ago, I still remember the gashes that fall left in my legs.  In fact, the combined weight of my grandfather and the swing caused such nasty bruises that I began drawing looks from the good citizens of my hometown so my mother dressed me in pants, rather than shorts, all that summer to avoid the glares.  And from then on my Grandmother would tell me: "Never tuck your legs under the swing.  Its not safe."  And, I didn't.  Lesson learned.  Everything falls down.  So what's my point?  Well, sometimes, I put too much significance on holidays or weekends or my birthday or when a stop light turns yellow.  You name it, I can make it into a sign of Impending Doom.  And Valentine's Day is coming.  I celebrated last year's V-Day with my first trip to the psychiatrist.  Everything falls down, Guys.  And rational or not, I'm scared.

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