Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Breaking Bad: Manic

Guess what, Kids?  Yours Truly is Manic.  That's right!  Too much Zoloft left me Revved Up and Raring to Go.  Now that isn't a problem, right?  Who doesn't want a little extra energy?  Wrong!  Here's the deal: All I want to do is Tattoo myself and Pierce Holes in my Body.  Its the Physical Sensation.  The release of Endorphins combined with the Distraction caused by the Pain Itself is Incredible.  But there's a catch.  My Psychiatrist has assured me that both of my desires will make me more susceptible to catching Hepatitis C.  Or in his words: "Your skin is an ORGAN, Jennifer.  Would you poke holes in your liver?"  No, but, then again, I cannot hang Pretty, Shining Bobbles from my Liver either, now can I? But even if I could put the yearning for physical pain aside, and I can't, I still would be struggling.  Because here's the worst part: I am a Fucking Yo Yo.  I go way up and then I get scared and want to cry.  Then I am up again, but nervous.  I never can be sure I won't be crushed.  It worries me.  Up and down we go, where she'll stop nobody knows.  There's no help for it so I guess, for tonight, I'll take a Xanax and watch Breaking Bad.  What else can ya do?

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