Tuesday, March 19, 2013

The Inner Resource Room

Here I am sitting in the "Inner Resource" Room at Notre Dame.  Its a room for Crazy People, like myself, to De-Stress.  In this Worry-Free Zone of Awesomeness there is Massage Chair and a Lamp that provides Artificial Daylight.  How lovely.  I am basking in the Artificial Daylight as I type.  You envy me right now, don't you?  You sitting there without a Massage Chair.  You with no Artificial Daylight. Muahahahaha. Well, if its any consolation, this is one of the few Perks that comes with being Bipolar. Now technically, I am only allowed to be in here for ONE HOUR.  But I unless someone knocks and asks me to leave, I will be staying for TWO.  Listen, I am the most screwed up person on this campus of Uber Wealthy Catholic Irish American Right Wing Republican Fuckers (say that three times fast) so screw them!  This room is MINE.  Back the Fuck Down! (She says in an entitled way)  Now, as I am needing another delightful massage, I'll be signing off.  Your Correspondent from Notre Dame's Inner Resource Room: Jennifer.

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