Saturday, March 30, 2013

This too Shall Pass

This too shall pass.  Today, a close friend looked at me and said: "Two years from now, you'll either have what you're hoping for or you'll be over it.  Either way, it'll be okay."  It's what I needed to hear.  Because, Guys, I am scared.  There are cuts on my arms.  An uneasiness around my heart.  And fear, the fear is always there.   Creeping up on me.  Closing in.  Suffocating me slowly.  Often times I don't even know what I am scared of, but that doesn't change the fact I am terrified.  That I want assurances.   But that's not life.  Instead of promises, we are left with a terrible uncertainty that claws at our hearts and keeps us up at night.  The best we can do is remember: This too shall pass.

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