Saturday, March 16, 2013

Uniquely Like Everyone Else: Bipolar

Okay Kids, Here's the Deal!: I want a Rook and Nose Piercing.  I think they are Cute and Sparkly and I plan to drink plenty of alcohol before the said "Piercing Artist" attacks me with a needle. Now, if I were writing this Three Years Ago, I would have confidently told You: I am getting these Piercings as an Expression of my Truly One of Kind, Unique, Super Exuberant Personality.  But then, like Bird Shit falling from the Sky, reality hit me smack in the face!  After last year's horrific depressive episode (that I am still recovering from) which left me suicidal and psychotic, I learned my Personality is Not that Unique and Definitely Not Special. I have a Mental Disorder, and its not Unique Either.  In fact, thousands of People are Bipolar and I'm sure most of them fancy themselves Artistic, Dye their Hair Wild Colors, and Pay People to Poke Holes in their Face and Ears.  I am Uniquely just like Everyone Else.  And that's the thing: Do I want a piercing because I really think its cute or is this just a moment of mania?  A brief obsession that will pass with time?  I wish I could be sure of my answer.

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