Friday, April 12, 2013

Lean On Me

"Lean on me."  A friend once told me she was so joyous after passing her doctoral exams she felt guilty for feeling so happy to which a colleague replied: "Don't worry this too shall pass."  Point of that story, you ask?  Struggling is just a part of life.  Every mountain top is followed by a valley.  It sucks.  But there it is.  However, today, I was reminded it only takes a kind word from someone I adore to ease the load.  No, seriously.  My control seeking outlook changed drastically today.  After that interaction, I stared at my sliced up arm and vowed to stop cutting.  Now, will I probably mess up now and again?  Sure, but the desire to stop is there.  Because someone special took the time to say: I care.    


  1. Hang in there Jennifer! Your picture looks nice. Be good to yourself.

    1. Thank you for comment. I really appreciate it =)