Monday, April 29, 2013

Me and Stevie Nicks: Don't Cha Look Back

Don't stop thinkin' about tomorrow.  Ooooooo  Don't cha look back.

All I want is to see you smile if it takes just a little while. I know you don't believe that its true.  I never meant any harm to you.

If case its not completely obvious, I will now and forever love Fleetwood Mac.  And one of my particular favorites is their song "Don't Stop" performed Live with the USC Marching Band.  Oh, Guys, it gets me ALL worked up.  Maybe the reason I love that particular song so much is...well...I have spent most of my life looking forward.  Reminding myself this too shall pass.  My past isn't anything I'd like to relive.  Nope, none of it.  Thus, when I look back, I seize up.  Fear takes hold.  The prospect of loving and caring about other people is akin to death.  I simply cannot afford that type of hurt again.  Relationships can be triggers.  I hate triggers.  But will I have a future if I block those I love out?  Or at least, a future worth looking forward to?  I've got two choices: A.) Lock myself away and stop caring B.) Leave the past where it belongs and don't stop thinkin' about tomorrow.

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