Sunday, April 28, 2013

Me, Mario, and the Coffee Bean

Nina: What happened?

Isabel: He said I wasn't human and he waved a tree branch at me.

Nina: There must be a solution.

Isabel: No, we are at the Coffee Bean, and there is no solution.

Yours Truly, like everyone else, I suppose, is plagued with unsolvable problems.  Oh, ain't life grand?  Gawd, I need a warp whistle, right now.  Similar to Isabel in Bewitched, this Doe-Eyed Gal romanticized issues of the heart.  Fantasized about how she would "sit at the Coffee Bean" with her friends and discuss "our unsolvable problems."  Like Sex in the City, right?  Carrie's gotta wait on Mr. Big.  How chic.  And it never occurred to me that those kinds of problems lack romance.  Problems hurt.  Hearts, once involved, hold on longer and tighter than we realized.  Its one big sticky mess.  Don't get me wrong.  "I'm fine really.  I mean, last night, I ate three burritos and smashed every dish in my house."

My only comfort comes from Bowser: The Journey is the Destination.  Maybe I will someday appreciate a Boss Fight...and the Snow World.

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