Thursday, April 25, 2013

Not the Hell "Your" Whale

Spock: They like you very much, but they are not the hell "your" whales.

Dr. Gillian Taylor: I suppose they told you that.

Spock: The hell they did

I am not the hell "your" whale.  Have you ever wanted to say that to someone?  People are forever attempting to fix me.  (Maybe its because I smile a lot.  Its like an invitation to a personal tweaking.)  Okay, not all People.  Not the ones I love and talk to everyday.  They are wonderful and I adore them so if you're reading this, then know you're the cat's pajamas.  Yeah, I said it. And I'll even be your whale, at least part of the time.  Maybe a Star Whale like in Doctor Who. That'd be cool.  But I COULD let children cry, not You Guys though.  I wouldn't let you cry if I could help it. But I've digressed and lost my train of thought.   Anyway, we were talking about Pushy, Nosey Neighbors. You cannot rid yourself of these types.  Trying to polish me.  Correct my mistakes.  Tweak me.  Make me more like them.  And Gawd, but nothing is worse than becoming someone's "Project."  Cause here's the deal: You either love someone flaws and all, or, ya don't.  Whether that is a plutonic or a romantic love, giving another person the space to make their own choices is the bare minimum you should do for everyone.  And on that note, because I am too much of a pushover to say it in person: I am not the hell your whale.  

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