Thursday, May 9, 2013

Blank all the Blanks?

At the moment, the things I yearn for the most are not reciprocated...and it hurts.  Everyone keeps on telling me that it will be okay.  This too shall pass.  It will go one way or the other.  Don't worry.  God will give back the years the
locust ate.  Never give up.  Never surrender.  Well, guess what, People, I am exhausted and no amount of platitudes or Galaxy Quest quotes fixes that fact.  Sometimes, the exhaustion makes me angry.  I want to stand up for myself.  Say everything I feel.  But, I've tried that option before.  It can only end in tears.  Other times, I want to beg.  Plead my case, but, I somehow doubt groveling will earn me what I want either.  The answer is there is no answer.  I left with grey, murky uncertainty.  No real moral here, I'm just swimming through the grey muck of an unstable existence.

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