Friday, May 3, 2013

Patient With Me: Body Art and Wilco

Well, last night, Yours Truly got her first, and last, tattoo.  No, I am not being a wimp.  My bit of Body Art took over an hour to complete.  That's enough, thank you.  But, outside of moaning like a B-Rated Porno (their description not mine), I sat and listened to Wilco's "Please be Patient with Me" over and over and over.   Why, you ask?  Three Reasons A.) I was just in too much pain to play with my iPod; 2.) It helped me count off minutes (the man said an hour...he lied); and D.) (Get it?  From Home Alone?) I think the song is beautiful.  My favorite verse:
How can I warn you when my tongue turns to dust
Like we've discussed
It doesn't mean that I don't care
It means I'm partially there

You're gonna need to be patient with me.

Here's the deal: If you ever plan to love another person, you gotta learn to be patient, and hope to God whomever you've set yourself on adoring has the same mindset.  Because communication is a tricky thing.  And understanding another person is a partial at best.  We are complex and fucked up, you're gonna need to be patient with me. 

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