Friday, June 28, 2013

Android: Netrunner

When Life gives you Sadness and Heartbreak play Boardgames.  Or if you're me, play Card Games.  Yep, like Anne Shirley, Yours Truly is in the Depths of Despair, yet again, and what better way to perk up than with a New Game?  More specifically: Android: Netrunner.  This Two Player Card Game pits a Hacker (Player 1) against a Corporation (Player 2).  The end goal for the Hacker is to steal 7 Agendas from the Corporation while said Corporation attempts to either A.) Kill the Hacker (how violent!) or B.) Complete 7 Agendas.  Having only played once, I'll admit though pretty cool this game is a little confusing and rather intricate, but, then again, that's just the type of Distraction I was looking for so no complaints here.  Go Check out Android: Netrunner now.

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