Saturday, July 20, 2013


"Pruning": the act of trimming, or removing what is superfluous

Lately, my little existence reminds me of a potted plant that is finally receiving some much needed pruning.  The dead leaves are falling off with snip here, a tug there.  And as I prune, I ask myself one question: "Does this person or habit make my life better, on the whole?"  If the answer is no, I pull out the scissors and snip away.  And here's the nice thing about pruning.  It needs no announcement.  You simply drop the habit or stop communicating.  No fuss.  No muss.  For instance, last night, someone else got pruned away.  No, it wasn't a snap decision.  In fact, it was made with quite a bit of counsel.  I don't prune willy nilly!  But, if I'm honest, I wish I would made the decision sooner.  Then I wouldn't be struggling my way out of a painful mental loop today.  What's more, I am willing to take some of the blame for today's hardship because here's the deal: I hesitated before I took the call that upset me.  Now my Friends, hesitation is a sure sign you ought to think twice before proceeding.  I could have saved myself upheaval by simply staying quiet.  But what's my point?  Why am I talking about plants and pruning and hurtful telephone calls?  Because, right now, most of my life is centered around cutting away the dead leaves and sickly vines, and leaving behind a smaller, more frail looking plant that I hope will take off and grow.

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