Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Cart Before the Horse

Sometimes, when I get really excited, I get the cart before the horse.  Example: I do not have a job yet, but, despite that fact, I have:

1.) Picked out a number of homes to rent in Lexington
2.) Begun packing up my things
3.) Chosen my New, Celebratory Dog, a German Shepherd (cuz little dogs suck!)
4.) And Scheduled my days for the imaginary job that I don't have

Yeah...  In my defense, I have applied for 17, count em', 17 jobs at the University of Kentucky, 6 at Eastern Kentucky University, 2 at Georgetown College, an unknown number at Kentucky Technical College including online courses, 1 at Amazon, and 2 with the Kentucky Commonwealth.  Every morning, I wake up, throw on my clothes, and stalk the Lexington area University employment sites searching for anything I am remotely qualified to do.  Bed Clerk, Administrative Assistant, Research Coordinate, Director of Grant Support.  You name it.  I've applied for it.  And every afternoon, I check my phone for possible messages, search my email for updates, and, upon finding nothing, pray something happens tomorrow.  I am ready, Folks.  I love my Friends here.  I do.  But on the whole, South Bend has brought me a lot of tears and heartache.  Let's get this wagon train a movin'!

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