Monday, August 12, 2013

Driven: Setting the Bar

Sometimes the only way to get clarity is to first get distance.  Example, for the past two years my closest friends have been saying: "Jen, he treats you like shit.  There's nothing to miss."  And now that I am fifty odd days out, I realize its true.  No one wants strung along.  And here's the deal: When I was sick, I didn't believe I deserved to be treated well.  Now that I'm healthy again, I know that I AM!  What's more.  I know what I want again.  I want my equal.  For a long time, I lost sight of that fact.  Because here's the deal:  Most days, I am driven.  When I want things, whether its a degree, a job, or a friendship, I go after them.  Furthermore, I find that sense of purpose and ambition attractive in other people.  Gawd, what's wrong with standards?  Nothing that's what!  Set the bar high, Folks.  During my illness, I lost sight of how sexy I find those characteristics.  No more.  I know what I want.  Time to go after it.

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