Thursday, August 1, 2013

Fuck You: To Bang or Not to Bang?

Good news, Guys.  Yours Truly is mildly attracted to almost everyone.  Why is that good news, you ask?  Why does my toying with the idea of screwing my friends and neighbors mark a step forward?  Because, I've been hung up, Folks.   And while I'm not off the hook yet, my sudden desire to bang everything in sight is a good sign that I'm working myself free.  And why not?  This past week clarity finally hit me like a ton of bricks.  Sure there are things I miss in the prolonged silence, but what I've miss most, what I've been missing for two years, isn't something anyone else can do for me.  Its keeping a clean house.  Having confidence in myself.  Taking care of my responsibilities, and having fun with my Friends minus the nagging fear clawing at my throat.  Its knowing I am WORTH the time and effort.  And FUCK YOU if you don't think so.

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