Saturday, August 31, 2013

We Are ND

Its the first Notre Dame Home Football Game of the Season and over Eighty Thousand Fans have poured into South Bend, honking their horns, adorned in Blue and Gold, many of whom are staggering drunk by now.  In response, I am hiding out in a Starbucks as far away from Campus as I can possibly get.  Yeah, I'm killjoy.  But then again, you would be too if you'd spent over six years as a Graduate Student as ND.  The fans are weird.  No, really.  Its not just game weekends.  People bring their children to site see on campus.  These families walk around speaking in hushed tones as though they've entered hallowed ground, an Irish America Mecca.  Aged Alumni come sit in the middle of campus in the spring with their oxygen tanks wearing looks that say: "Dear God, take me now on Notre Dame soil."  I don't get it.  I really don't.  Its just a college campus and not the prettiest one around.  Actually, when I visited Oxford a few years ago, I realized that Notre Dame's Irish Americans were merely aping their English Counterparts in their architectural style. They'd have done better to come up with something all their own.  But that's Notre Dame.  Pretentious.  Wealthy.  Entitled.  Unimaginative. We are ND.

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