Saturday, August 3, 2013

Weight Watcher Scale Gods

Yours Truly is giving both her life and her body a major overhaul, and to the latter end, today, I joined the Dreaded Weight Watchers.  Eek!  What was it like, you ask?  Was it awful  Well...a little.  I am willing to admit a certain amount on defensiveness on my part as I pulled into Heritage Square, crawled out of my car, and shuffled toward the Weight Watcher Store.  Not sure what I was expecting but, whatever I thought would happen, didn't.  Rather than a cheery atmosphere, I pulled open the door and stepped into a rather sterile looking room with lots of chairs and a lone man standing at the desk.  His presence was a problem.  I mean he was very nice.  He was, but he also made me step on a giant scale and stand there awhile which I found a little humiliating.  Yes, I knew I would be weighed but I somehow thought a woman would be doing the weighing.  It wasn't his fault that he's a man and maybe I'd have been just as humiliated with a woman.  I don't know.  But I faulted him for his gender nonetheless.  Of course, upon further thought, I am pretty sure the whole corporation runs off of humiliation and shame.  No, I'm not being cynical here.  Let's be honest.  Why join Weight Watchers?  I can buy a scale and count calories at home for a lot cheaper.  So why bother?  I'll give you two reasons.  A.) Money Factor: I am PAYING these people $42.95 a month to weigh me so I WANT to see results.  I understand those results largely come down to my own actions.  Nothing motivates you like a hit to your wallet.  B.) Humiliation Factor:  Do you smell the fear on me yet?  Listen Guys, once a week a total stranger will weigh me and then either offer praise or give me so called "encouragement." I want to be praised not embarrassed/encouraged.  If those two factors aren't enough, I'll earn stickers for weight loss.  And I like stickers because they only have meaning when they come from those in authority, like the Weight Watcher Scale Gods. 

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  1. Jenn, I love your posts and I think I will really enjoy your impressions of WW, as I am on a diet too :)

    Priscila (osnabrueck)