Thursday, September 5, 2013

Crochet Your Worries Away Down in Fraggle Rock

My newest hobby/obsession: Crochet.  Why, you ask?  Am I your ninety year old Grandma?   No, I am not. And, I can give you three good reasons why crochet is the way.  A.) Yours Truly has hoarded hundreds of dollars worth of nice yarn in buckets, bags, and cubbyholes throughout my apartment.  And last week, the Guilt Fairy visited me in order to reminded me of how much money I had spent and what I had yet to do.  So the time has come to turn those balls of spun fibers into apparel.  B.) Crocheting takes a third of the yarn knitting does and is twice as fast.  Boom!  C.) I needed something new to occupy my mind while I block him out (a daily chore) and wait to hear back on my job applications.  Thus, last Sunday, on impulse, I called every Yarn Store in the Tri-County area until Lighthouse Fibers in St. Joseph, Michigan finally agreed to give me a lesson, immediately!  And after a forty five minute drive, followed by fours hours of mind numbing work I had learned the basics.  And after a few more hours of practicing the basics and watching YouTube videos I had picked up a few other tricks: Foundation Stitches, Yarn Overs, and Double Crochets.  Its been a Godsend.  Every time he slips into my mind I either pop on a new episode of Mad Men or pick up my new project.  See Guys?  Combine mind altering medications with a new hobby and you can totally compartmentalize your life to the point of almost forgetting someone broke you.  Just set those broken bones, mend that tattered heart, and crochet your cares away...down in Fraggle Rock.

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