Sunday, November 17, 2013

Boardgame Geek and Fish in the Sea

Okay, its just a bad day.  That's it.  Its not like I snuck online, looked at his BoardGame Geeks Site, read a couple of his comments, and burst into tears...  Okay, I did.   My best friend keeps reminding me there are plenty of other Nerdy Fish in the sea.  But, despite the hurt, I still want MY Nerdy Fish.  The one I picked out all on my own.  Everything Hurts.   And why does He still seem like the best Fish?  Why can reading a couple of his comments reduce me to tears?  I hate I'm going to do the dishes.  Though he once told me doing the dishes is relaxing...esp. if you listen to music.  Sob.  Gasp.  This has to be a mood swing.

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