Monday, November 25, 2013

Holidays and Hurting

I'm home for the Holiday, and, I'll admit, being surrounded by Family and Friends is keeping me distracted from the idea of Him, so much so, that I wish that Thanksgiving lasted longer.  There's last minute Grocery Shopping, Recipe Planning, Movies to Rent and Go See (more specifically, Catching Fire and Thor), and Black Friday Shopping.  I'm mailing off one Christmas present to Paris and hand delivering a few others this week.  I couldn't ask for more distraction.  Yet, amidst the business and fun, I still feel a twinge around my Heart.  I still hurt.  I still want Him to Care.  And I wonder: "When will this finally wear off?"  Then I remind myself: I don't fall for men often, but when I do, its an ordeal.  This too shall pass.  At least I'm not aching to wish Him a Happy Thanksgiving this year.  Nope.  That man is running a budge surplus when it comes to me, compliments, and basic civility.  I don't feel the need to say a single fucking word.

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