Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Little Miss Sunshine: "I Failed at that As Well"

Frank: Well, no.  What happened was: the boy I fell in love with fell in love with another man. Larry Sugarman.

Sheryl: Who's Larry Sugarman?

Frank: Larry Sugarman is perhaps the second most highly regarded Proust scholar in the U.S.

Richard: Who's number one?

Frank: That would be me, Rich.

Olive: So... That's when you tried...

Frank: Well, no.  What happened was: I was a bit upset.  I did some things I shouldn't have done.  Subsequently, I was fired, forced to leave my apartment and move into a hotel...

Olive: Oh... So that's when?

Frank: (Hesitates) Well, no.  Actually, all that was okay.  What happened was two days ago the MacArthur Foundation decided to award a "genius" grant to Larry Sugarman.  And that's when...

Grandpa: You tried to check out early

Frank: Yes, and I failed at that as well.

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