Thursday, November 21, 2013

Melting Down and the Meaning of Ladylike

I am officially having some sort of meltdown.  Every-fucking-time I play Christmas music I promptly burst into tears mourning,  I suppose, whatever is left of my existence. But here's the thing, Guys, I have got to gain control over my little waterworks display, pronto!  I cannot walk around like a psycho.  No one will get it.  Thus, in hopes of feeling better, I got up this morning, dressed like a person, deftly applied some makeup to hide the puffy spots around my eyes, and headed out into the world.  Now, I'm attempting to write a blog post.  

I thought about posting my Top Ten Meanest Thoughts About Him EVER...but that seemed unladylike, not to mention cruel.  Also, as a short diversion: To all you bitches throwing a fit over the word "ladylike" right now, get the fuck over yourself.  You like the men in your life to be something of a "Gentleman" right?  I'm not talking paternalism and you goddamn know it.  But you'd like them to give a fuck, don't you?  Well, apply the rule to yourself and get over your teenage angst.  Anyway, writing petty things seemed like a bad idea so I just outlined my day in rambling form.  What do you think?...  Well, I didn't like writing it so I don't know why you're surprised you didn't enjoy reading it!  Go Fuck Yourself!

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