Friday, November 8, 2013

Nothing Is the Same: Jamison and Wyatt

He was never going to be the Richard Wyatt to my Kay Redfield Jamison no matter how much I wanted it, and that still hurts, everyday.  His flippant twitter feed and banal blogging serve to remind me that he never cared.  Not even a little.  Certainly not like Kay and Richard.  But who were Wyatt and Jamison, you ask?  Jamison is a renown psychologist known for her work on mood disorders.  Wyatt was an equally brilliant psychiatrist who specialized in schizophrenia and happened to be her husband.  She suffered from an ailment of the mind, bipolar disorder.  He suffered from an ailment of the body, cancer.  Though love, like life, is imperfect, as he told her, theirs was a beautiful union: colleagues, friends, and lovers until Wyatt succumbed to his cancer in 2009.  Now, she writes: Nothing is the same. 

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