Monday, November 18, 2013

Orgams and Paula Deen

I'm still sad. Take yesterday's upset, double it, and you have today.  Ho Hum.  Double Ho.  Double Hum.  In an effort to distract myself, I've been watching Food Network and listening to Christmas music, well The Nightmare Before Christmas to be more precise.  However something important happened while watching the former. Wait for it...Tonight's Realization: I want BE Paula Dean minus the Racism.  Yes, Guys, she's a terrible racist and I cannot abide that, BUT (Woah!! Back off.  Give the lady some space and...Hear...Me...Out!) everything else about Paula is fabulous.  Her big hair.  Dramatic Makeup.  Southern Manners (again minus the racism)  Thanksgiving Dishes Full of Sugar and Butter.  The fact that she has an orgasm each and every time she tastes her own food.  Paula makes me want to wear false eyelashes (which is horrifying by the way because no part of your face should peel off, but then again, I'm pretty Dean does and she can get away it, or she could until recently) and have food orgasms.  You know how some people ask why all the great guys are gay?  (Obviously, that is not my issue at the moment. He just doesn't give a shit).  My question: Why are so many of the Great Southern Ladies so damn racist?

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