Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Sleep Be Damned!

I officially have a Xanax hangover.  Its not pretty, Folks, and besides the ugliness of the entire affair, said hangover is frustrating. I have work to do, but all I can think about is sleep.  To add insult upon injury, I've been going to bed early to avoid this problem.  Crawling into beneath my sheets around 9pm, like a seventy year old woman, in hopes of productivity the next day.  The problem is that, lately, I think about sad things all the time.  Hurts I could of mitigated.  Situations I could have handled better.  Hopes that were dashed.  The thoughts become overwhelming so in the evening, at least a couple nights a week, I take my doctor prescribed Xanax so I can turn off and get some much needed rest. But the drug leaves me flat and unproductive...and I'm considering stopping it all together.  Sleep be damned!

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