Saturday, December 14, 2013

A Pinot Noir

So...I have been a little upset lately.  Just a little bit, you know.  My brother says I made He Who Must Not Be Named into an Idol.  That I let Him embody everything I wanted Him to be and lost sight of who He really is.  I think my brother is right.  Truthfully, the days I want to wake up and break my silence, I imagine Him as adorable, wonderful, and just misunderstood.  I start thinking that somehow if He was just provided the right type of affection He'd be great, like a fine pinot noir (watch the movie SIDEWAYS and you'll get that reference).  But the hard reality is He was a dick.  He hurt me when I was incredibly ill and didn't give a shit afterwards.  Not to mention, once someone has reached their forties its unlikely their poor communication skills and selfish/self loathing tendencies will magically disappear through the power of love.  A pinot noir is an amazing wine but eventually it peaks and from then on out its a downward progression.  There is no way around that, but it still hurts.  Thus, in hopes of lifting my mood, I purchased a new dice building game which I like, and have decided to force all my classes play Age of Empires III as a teaching I am considering buying King of Tokyo and a bottle of wine.

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