Wednesday, December 11, 2013

The Great Dalmuti

Tonight, my brother and I trekked through the South Bend snow to Griffon Bookstore in order to purchase a new game.  It's my birthday, after all.  As I was browsing the establishment's rather large inventory, my sibling suggested I buy The Great Dalmuti to my total and utter horror.  I stared at him for a minute and then explained:

"I bought that game already and mailed it to an ungrateful bastard who couldn't be bothered to thank me for it but did update his boardgame website to say he now owns.  I'm afraid this particular game now comes with a few negative connotations for me so I'd rather not purchase it."

Yes, that right.  He Who Must Not Be Named willingly kept the game I sent him but never said thank you. Is he some sort of Mindless Amoeba that just sucks up gifts?  I dunno.  He kept it, obviously.  Seriously, the Man is definitely Socially Awkward but that isn't what I hold against Him.  Nope, its that he's Fucking Asshole.  Social Awkwardness I find endearing on some level.  Being an Ass-Wipe is a whole other story.  Also, for the record, I told HIM about a Few Acres of Snow (cool-ass game in which the two players fight the French and Indian War) and his gaming vocabulary suggests he's amassed a large quantity of information but never fully digested any of it.  In other words, he's a poser.  The Great Dalumti my Ass!

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