Thursday, February 27, 2014

Just Want to Wear Pants

"You know, I have my whole life to save the planet, but right now I'm, I'm kind of really excited to wear pants again." ~Marshall Erikson  Ain't it the truth.  Really, Guys, this whole unemployment thing is killing me.  No seriously, I sit around half naked all the time.  Sleep till 2pm.  Eat breakfast at 4.  Whatever.  There isn't much of a point to life at the moment.  The only thing I do consistently is apply for more jobs.  Here are some hard fast numbers to prove my pont: I've applied for at least 500 to 700 positions.  Now keep in mind, all those jobs pay at least thirty-five to forty thousand a year so its not like I'm getting rejected by Kohls but still.  You'd think I'd have something by now.  In fact, I've even applied to the University of Kentucky 134 times.  I feel that I should get points for the sheer determination.  This week I finally got a phone interview with Calvin College in Grand Rapids, Michigan.  It seemed to go well.  I talked on speaker phone for 30 minutes, but you never know.   Who knows how long this whole unemployment thing will last. I mean, People, I need a reason to stop sitting around nude.  Like Marshall, I'll be exited just to wear pants (and makeup) again.

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