Sunday, February 23, 2014

The Evil You Know

The stress and boredom associated with joblessness has begun to set in.  I'm not sure why, but this past month has been the worst.  Each day, after 5pm, when its clear there is no longer a chance of prospective employers calling, I want to fall asleep because let's face it there's nothing to do but wait. And I'll admit it.  I've spent an absurd amount of time sleeping lately. Due to that fact, I saw my psychologist this past Friday, and what she had to say was surprising.  Rather than scold me for my general sleepiness she said what I am experiencing is quite common.  The job search is rough on anyone, not just bipolar people.  Then she issued an out of the blue warning: There is one thing, she said, that could derail you right now and its Him.  Its so easy to fall into old habits during times of stress because the evil you know seems better than the unknown.  He's a sure fire recipe, she reiterated, for a terrible relapse.  Now, the funny thing is I have no desire to talk to Him.  My life has been infinitely better minus Him.  But, there is nothing like having your health provider lay all the cards on the table.  He equals another episode.  Stay away from the evil you know.

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