Friday, February 28, 2014

What Your Cat Really Thinks of You

Yes, this is one of my kitties, Zodiac.
According to British biologist John Bradshaw cats believe their owners to be other Big Dumb Cats.  Okay, okay, Bradshaw wasn't quite that harsh.  According to the biologist, the way cats greet their Humans (tails up/rubbing against our legs) is similar to how cats communicate with each other.  Bradshaw says:

"In cat society, this sequence is usually performed by a smaller cat towards a larger one -- a kitten or young cat towards its mother or an older relative, a female towards a male."

In other words, this is how cats treat their nonthreatening relatives.  Thus, you my fellow cat owners are a viewed by your pet as a Big Dumb Cat, unless of course your Kitty doesn't like you and then you should read this to protect yourself from a sudden and painful death.

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