Friday, March 14, 2014

Xanax or Not?

Question of the Night: Do I take Xanax or Not?  Here's the thing.  I have been productive today.  No seriously, I have:

*Mailed Sympathy Cards

*Bought Milk and Cereal 
*Walked an Annoying, Yippie Dog
*Went for Another Walk at the Park
*Ate Lunch Out
*Visited with a Friend
*Made Plans for Tomorrow
*Spent at Least Two Hours on the Phone
*Washed Three Loads of Laundry
*Folded Said Laundry
*Loaded the Dishwasher
*Scooped the Cat Litter
*Took Out the Trash
*Vacuumed the Apartment
*Emptied the my Dyson Animal
*Cleaned the Toilet (Company is Coming)
*And Finally, Enjoyed a Long Hot Shower

By all accounts I should be tired, but I feel on edge, like something is lurking around the edges of my mind.  Not sure what, but something terrible.  I hate the uneasiness, and I'm still left with the question: To take the Xanax or not?

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