Friday, April 18, 2014


Okay, I gave in and read one of His weblog posts and now I kinda want to puke.  This man has got the audacity to mock a fictional character (from a pointless book he's been outlining in painful detail for over a year now) for being a "douche-bag" to women.  This is same man who once scolded me and insisted I return a library book "so other students can read it."  A.) No one liked your boring book, Dude.  I only read it as mean of flirting/showing a little interest.  Not exactly flying off the fucking shelf.  Get OVER yourself B.) Who the fuck did he think he was?  How demeaning is that?  "Everyone wants to read my book.  You should return it now."  Well, Fuck Face the University of Notre Dame disagrees (I never gave it back on precedent and no one ever missed it) and I'm pretty sure every other University in the US would concur.  No one is gonna pick up your stupid waste of paper as classroom reading material.  I wish I had saved the email.  I'd post it, but, really, this dick-wad has the balls to call anyone out when it comes to how that person treats woman? Let's not forget, he flirted with me while dating someone else.  Promised to go to Woodford Reserve with me and then when he felt bad because that was definitely cheating not just flirting, he acted like a two year old and simply refused to answer emails on the subject.

Me: So when do you want to go?

Him: Silence

Me: Do you still want to go?

Him: Crickets

Never told me why.  Just sat silent and deleted things he could not deal with.  How fucking mature, you little Prick!  I finally had to ask him point blank: Are you seeing someone (due to something I saw on facebook) bec. he NEVER mentioned his weird dog defiler to me, not even once.  When he finally owned up to it, he never addressed his feelings for me but said "I can only have one girlfriend at a time," then proceeded to flirt with me (a mentally ill person) for the next two years and again, never mention her.   Bastard!  Clean your own fucking doorstep.

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