Saturday, April 26, 2014

Boy Problems in World of Warcraft

Do you know what is wrong with World of Warcraft?  People (especially men) won't leave you alone.  Okay, yes, its an RPG but here's the deal, Guys.  I play WoW for Three Reasons

A.) I like to collect and wear new pretty clothes and swords.

B.) I enjoy killing things as long as I can look pretty while I do it and have either a fluffy pet or a demon (whichever) by my side.

C.) I've always wanted to ride a tiger and now I can.

Seriously, I just want these Needy Boys to go away.  Despite my inexperience, I don't need some Knight in Warlock Armor coming to try and help me.  Its off putting.  No, I don't want to chat.  No, I don't want to drink mead with you.  No, I definitely don't want to fuck.  Allow me to reiterate what I DO want is to collect things, wear pretty clothes, and ride tigers.  Boys (and Girls) if you want to chat, drink, or fuck go do it in real life.  Its much better that way.  And if you think you're to out of shape or backward to do any of those things then go workout or see a therapist.  I do both.

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